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A point worthy of mention is that the cuban governments of the time had their own share in all these dirty businesses. A special mention goes to the tyrannical period of Batista´s government, who killed thousands of cuban citizens struggling against the tyranny during the last years before 1959.By the moment in which the tyranny was defeated the cuban people run out to the streets to celebrate the triumph of the revolutionary forces, hundreds of citizens gave end to all traces of gambling, the sites and everything involved in that vice was condemned and the Mob rapidly closed all the casinos. It was the end. The city they had invented for their own good, the city invented by Lansky became their own hell, the only thing they could do was collect all the money from the casinos and gambling dens, and hide it at Joe Stassi´s house, and disappear from sight as soon as possible and leave the country in a rush up north.

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Momt Martre Casino.

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